torek, 01. december 2015

Opening of advent calendars: 1. day

I can officially say that I had never, ever own an advent calendar before. So this year I decided to buy one for my self and I decided on advent calendar from Essence. Later on, me and my fellow blogger were discussing all the advent calendars that we could find and we came across Bale advent calendar. Instantly I knew that I wanted one! At first it didn't look good as they said that they will only be sold in DMs in Germany. But when Tamara from CherryColors blog published a photo of her holding Balea advent calendar and said that you can get it in Slovenia too... Well I needed to get one as fast as possible!

So here they are! My two advent calendars. I will be posting photos of the content daily on my Facebook page and Instagram profile and I will also try to make blog posts about the content of the calendars every day.


Under the first window of  Essence advent calendar there was this beautiful red nail polish. It is a little bit lighter than it appears in the flask bit still, it is just perfect for the upcoming Christmas! Nail polish is creamy and you can apply it without any problems. For photos I used two coats but I think, that one, thicker, coat would do.

I also like that note that is printed on the other side of the window. I can't wait to read them all! I also need to say that the order of the products isn't the same in all of their advent calendars (if you click on the CherryColors blog, you can see that Tamara got polish in beautiful dark green!).


I am a huge fan of Balea products and I am happy that I got the chance to put my hand on one of their calendars. Under the first window, there was hiding Balea's bodymilk which smells really nice!

Did you get an advent calendar for yourself too? Which one? What do you think about Essence and Bale advent calendars? :)

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  1. Jaaaa, jaz sem tudi fuul navdušena nad tem odpiranjem okenc. :D Jutri je nov dan, tako da wooo!!

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