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Review: Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer

After a long time (again) I'm here with a Makeup Revolution lip lacquer that is really just up my ally. I was browsing through Makeup Revolution's products on Lič and I found Salvation collection. There was one shade that caught my attention.

Velvet Depravity is blue based lilac shade and it is just perfect for me. It really goes well with my dark makeup and it brings that WOW factor and everyone will look after you.

This product is just packed with pigmentation (like it is on steroids). Because of its liquid formula it is a joy to use and you don't struggle to put it on your lips. When you are done, you will end with a beautifully pigmented lips with matte finish. Before applying I would recommend to moist your lips.

I said that the lip lacquer is easy to apply. That is correct, but because of the quick drying to get that matt finish, there is not a lot of room for mistakes. I would point out that there is no need for hurry with this product and maybe do have a mirror when you apply it :D .

The lasting time of this lip lacquer is just stunning. For me, it lasted for about 6 hours (in this time, I was drinking and eating). After that I noticed a slight fading in the middle of my lips. Nothing that you can't repair. Another big plus is that it didn't ever stained a glass or transferred to my fiancé's lips while kissing (and my honey says that this is really important... So wearing this for a date? Hell yeah.).

I had a big struggle to take this thing off my lips. I soon figured out that the normal makeup remover won't do the trick, so I used something on oil base (Jojoba oil) and it worked like a miracle. You can also use normal Olive oil that you find in your kitchen or any other oil. Just put a small amount on cotton pad and you are good to go!

I would highly recommended this lip lacquer because of it quality and long-lasting. You can by one on Lič at really affordable price (4,95€) and they also have a big range of shades.

I think I will buy the whole collection of darker shades (Black Heart, Rebel and Vamp).

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