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New in: cloths & makeup

Hello beauties!

In the past few days, I was spending my money like crazy. I even don't know what got in to me. The majority of my money I spent in Pull & Bear. I must confess, at first I didn't like this store but when my friend started working there, everything changed. She knows me well and she always thinks of my stile and size. So she just tells me what would I like and most of the thing I buy then. It is awesome to have ''personal shopping assistant''.

So let me show you my new stuff...

From Pull & Bear...

First are this two shirts. The white one has a printed picture of bicycle and flowers on it. I find it really romantic and it will be perfect for my vacation in Amsterdam in July. The second shirt is just a plain black shirt with wine-red dots. I'm a huge fan of dost and the colours are just perfect for me.

I also bought this trousers that are from really light and very breathable material. They will be perfect for not so warm summer days or at the evenings when I will go on a walk with my dogs or just for coffee with friends.

And the last are this platform sandals that I have been looking at for quite some time. At the end, I decided just to try them on (I was going to wait for the summer sales because the shoes were 50€ and at that point I didn't have that money), but my future mother in law decided to buy them for me and I'm really grateful for this gesture. I just can't wait that the weather will be warm enough!

From Zara...

I really like long dresses and when I saw this dress, I just melted. I know that it isn't in my typical stile but I really find it very comfortable and romantic. I just can't wait to put it on my self! 


Surprisingly, I didn't buy much makeup. I treated my self with Revlon Colorstay foundation (I still can't decide if I like it or not!) and eyebrow set from Catrice. As you know I am a big fan of gelish nails so naturally, I needed to buy this new Essence gel nail polish (of course, I also bought base and top coat). An for the cherry on the top, I bought a Maybelline Colorama All Access NY top coat (top coat No. 425).

Last but not least...

Here are my new All Stars! This is one of my favourite piece that I bought. It was a late birthday gift from my self. I was looking at these babies for almost two years and on Saturday, I decided to go and buy them because they anyway won't be on sale never in the future. I don't regret spending 80€ for them. They are this darker green colour and they look a little bit out worn.

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