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Essence: The Gel Nail Polish review

We can find lots of nail polishes with gel formula on the market and they are very popular this days. This kind of nail polishes don't need an UV light, they just dry with this very glossy finish.

A few days ago, Essence released 46 new nail polishes with the gel formula (some of the shades are new and some are old). The collection is called The Gel nail polish and there is no need to own an UV light.

When I first heard about this collection, I was very excited. I am using gelish manicure all the time. The fact, that you don't need UV light for polishes from Essence just thrilled me. The first day that I found out that the collection has been released in Slovenia, I went to the store. I was a lucky girl because there they were, all shades on two (!) stands. I picked out four shades (I would buy them more, but I was in a hurry). I've tried out just two of them and I'm really impressed.

The pigmentation of this nail polishes is just great (but on the other hand I picked up the strong colours because I like them more). I have tried out Don't Be Shy (lime-green colour) and Electriiiiiic (blue colour). The both nail polishes have a great pigmentation. As for applying, they both apply easy, but for me, the Electriiiiiic was better. The Don't Be Sky polish is a little more thicker and I just needed to put a little extra effort in it. But over all, I like both polishes. Both of them dried quite quickly, and here I need to say, that I used thick coats.

I applied the Electriiiiiic five days ago and it was ''untouched'' till today (I took it off to try the Don't Be Shy polish). So for duration I can say that they last quite long (one week for sure!). I don't know how it goes with washing dishes and stuff like that because we all know that water isn't the best friend of polishes.


I really like this polishes and I'm happy that they give me the same, really glossy finish as my gelish does. I still need to try out the two polishes that I have at home (Prince Charming - the shimmery one and Let's Get Lost) and I need to buy a lost of other shades that I like.

Have you tried any of this polishes out? What do you think?

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