petek, 20. marec 2015

I'm back and ready for SPRING!

First of all, I would like to talk a little about why I stopped writing my blog. The new semester started and I had classes and on top of that I was having my driving lessons. Yeah, I finally got my driving licence and it took me just 3 weeks to get it (I'm really proud of my self for this). As for the school... I have no comments. I just hope that exams will be over soon, so I can enjoy my summer.

As you probably noticed, the spring is here (et least in my country :D). I'm super excited about it, because spring is my favourite part of the year. New wardrobe, new shoes, new makeup, new perfumes... Everything changes and everything is just more happier than in winter :D.
And this is what I have been up to:

Yes, we'we started to plan our wedding. I'm super excited about it and so is my fiancé and our love ones!

So what are my essentials for this spring? :D


For my makeup, I will probably use a lot of natural shades on my face and when I will go out, the black is still my No.1. I will be using like crazy my Makeup Revolution naked pallet, I just love the shades and colours. And as for my lips: just a little hint of colour will do the trick :)


The first thing on the list that I will get out of my closet are my All Stars. I own around 15 pairs (there is definitely a pair that I forgot to count... ups!). I just love this Converse shoes and they are my No.1 of the shoes. I'm also excited to wear my high heels.
I will be in skirts a lot (I just love skirts, I prefer lacy ones ;) but I will wear my skinny black jeans a lot too.
I glad that day by day is getting warmer and I will soon put away my winter jacket and start wearing my leather on :D .

Motorcycle stuff

I like being on a motorbike and with the sun, the motorcycle season is open. My fiancé drives and I just enjoy the wind. So my essentials for this spring are of course things that you need up there. My leather jacket, my motorcycle jeans, helmet, glove and stuff like that.

Sun = Sunglasses!

Recently, I added a lot of sunglasses to my collection. You know, those cheap ones that I don't care if something happens to them. My all time favourite are of course my my Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses. And let me tell you, I will buy some more glasses. They just have so awesome glasses in Pull&Bear clothes store.

This will be for now all and see you soon ;)


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