nedelja, 01. februar 2015

New in #2 (Essence I Love Nude trend edition haul + others)

I know, I know. I posted post like this just a few days ago. But today, early in the morning, I was shopping for Essence I love nude collection. It was all gone in Ljubljana, so I went to Kamnik. Naturally I didn't just buy Essence things (like I was planning to).

From I love nude collection I got two lipsticks: 01 Wearing Only A Smile and 04 It's Nude Time. I also bought two eyeshadows: 01 Vanilla Sugar and 02 Cake Pop. Last but not least is a Lash Princess mascara which I was so eager to try.

Yes, I like pale shades so I (naturally) went for more pale colours. Most of the girls would buy more darker shades. Another problem with me and darker shades is that I don't like brown shades and my skin is pale so dark brown lipstick would look awful in my opinion. 

Last two things that I bought are from Garnier. First is a BB Cream and second is a Micellar Cleansing Water that I never tried and I hope that it will work for my skin. 

Reviews will be up soon ;)

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2 komentarja:

  1. Me prav zanimajo swatchi teh dveh Essence šmink, sploh 01 se je zdela meni čisto nenosljica oz. zdi se mi, da mojemu tonu ne bi pristajala, tako da se veselim tvojih swatchev. :)

    1. Jets sem pa že dolgo iskala nekej res svetlega. Bomo videli kako bo, probala sem jo samo na roki. V teoriji in v moji glavi zgleda ok, kako pa bo v resnici pa kmalu :D