torek, 03. februar 2015

New haircut

A few days ago, I went to cut my hair after a year or something like that. I had very long hair (almost to my booty) and I was proud of it. I confess, the hair cut was necessary because my tips were pretty damaged.

So this is my hair before I went to the hairdressers...

And after...

I don't like the facts that the hairdresser cut my hair too much and I literally cried when I step in to our apartment. My mom said that is looked fine and I just needed to wash my hair.
Yeah this is another thing. I wanted my own, natural curls, I wanted my hair dried with hair drier and that's it. Hairdresser said ok but put like 6 different hair products on my hair and the result were this greasy looking hair and unnatural curls.

I must say that this was a first time for me at this place and I liked the hair cut (not the fact that they shorten my hair too much) but I don't like how much hair products they use (and I really don't like brand Tigi). I'm used of a totally different hair salon, where they use only natural hair products (Harologi). The reason that I went to a new place is that my hairdresser that was taking care of my hair on a regular bases, opened her new hair salon (unfortunately not near me).

So ok, now it is what it is. Next time I think I will go back to Harologi or I will find a way to go to my old hairdresser and see her new place (by the way, she is using Harologi too).

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