torek, 10. februar 2015

Liebster Award

Hello beauties! So... I was nominated for Liebster Award by Despina Petrushevska, girl that runs this lovely blog. The Liebster Award was started in Germany in order to give smaller bloggers new audience. You get nominated by the blogger who thinks, that you should gain more attention.

*This are the rules: 
- thank and link the person who nominated you
- answer the questions given by the nominator
- nominate 11 other bloggers (who have less than 200 followers) and link them
- create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer
- notify all nominees via social media/blogs

*Here are the questions by Despina:

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging out of pure boredom. I was on my exchange in Prague and needed to entertain my self. I was constantly buying new beauty products and I just figured out to start a blog about them.

What's your favourite kind of food?
This is a though one. I will say just plain rice with tuna.

Who is your role model?
Dita Von Teese.

What do you do when you are not blogging?
I just love to care and play with my animals and play video games.

Favourite place to splurge?
M.A.C cosmetics.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years? 
In almost 3 years I will just end my Msc. studies so I see my self with a great job, living with my husband.

What is your favourite vacation ever?
My first time in Paris.

Favourite movie as a kid?
Interview with The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles.

What is your guilty pleasures?
Shopping and make-up.

Why did you choose your blog's name?
I already used this name for my Tumblr profile and it is one of my favourite quotes.

*Here is the list of 11 new blogs that I nominate and suggest to check them out!
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*And here is a set of new 11 questions:
What is your favourite make-up brand?
What is your the most favourite item in your handbag?
What would you pack in your beauty case for a 3-day vacation with your friends/boyfriend?
What will you do on Valentine's Day?
Your favourite colour?
What is your favourite place to get away from the world?
Gel eye-liner or liquid eye-liner?
You go out for a drink with your girlfriends,what kind of drink will you order?
What is your favourite book?
What do you do when you are not blogging?
What is your favourite quote?

petek, 06. februar 2015

Beauty Sweeties

Pred nekaj tedni sem v svoj poštni nabiralnik prejela tele luštne bonbončke (seveda sem si jih želela sprobati takoj, a žal ni šlo zaradi moje izmenjave). Gre za bonbončke, ki so izdelani po 100 letni tradiciji, v njih pa se nahajajo naravne sestavine, super živila ter koencim Q10, aloe vera, kolagen in biotin.

Najdemo jih v treh različnih oblikah (vsaka oblika ima tri okuse):
- sadni želatinasti srčki (okusi: mango - breskev, granatno jabolko - malina, acai jagode - gozdni    sadeži)
- jogurtovi kremni pralineji (okusi: acai jagode - gozdni sadeži, granatno jabolko - malina, mango -    breskev)
- sadne zvezdice z 81% deležem sadja (okusi: sladka melona, rdeča grenivka, brusnica)

V svoje roke sem prejela želatinaste srčke v vseh treh okusih. Seveda, ker sem velik sladkosned, se nisem mogla upreti, da ne bi takoj, ko sem prišla domov, odprla ene vrečke.

Prve sem tako sprobala srčke z okusom granatnega jabolka in maline. Ker sem velik ljubitelj granatnega jabolka, so me tile srčki ''iz prve'' navdušili. Prav tako so navdušili moje prijatelje in zaročenca, ki so seveda tudi sprobavali z mano.

Ker so srčki iz prve vrečke izginili zelo hitro, sem načela drugo: srčke z okusom manga in breskve. Tudi te so me navdušili saj imam rada tako mango kot breskve. Tudi vsi ostali so se strinjali, da je tudi ta okus super.

Zadnji so prišli na vrsto bonbončki z okusom acai jagod in gozdnih sadežev. Priznam, da so mi bili te malo manj všeč, a to le zato, ker na splošno ne maram preveč gozdnih sadežev. Ostali pa so bili nad njimi, spet, navdušeni.

Tele srčke bom definitivno še kupila, saj imajo dejansko okus, ki ni umeten tako kot pri ostalih žele bonbonih, prav tako pa sem navdušena nad tem, da niso zelo sladki kar je seveda še en velik plus! Poleg tega pa je že sama oblika bonbončkov srčkana ''za pojest''.

Če bi si radi prebrali več o bonbončkih to lahko storite na tejle spletni strani oziroma lahko pokukate direktno na njihovo facebook stran. Bonbončke pa drugače lahko kupite v prodajalnah
Interspar, OMV, Mol in LeClerc.

Jaz bom tele bonbončke definitivno kupila. Prvi so na vrsti pralineji in zvezdice, ki si jih zares želim sprobati.

torek, 03. februar 2015

Slovenian bloggers: Slovenian bloggers 26. 1. - 1. 2. 2015

Slovenian bloggers: Slovenian bloggers 26. 1. - 1. 2. 2015:   Want to know what  Slovenian Bloggers  were up to? Follow us on  Facebook  and  Twitter . Sarah`s blog: Catrice nail polish ...

New haircut

A few days ago, I went to cut my hair after a year or something like that. I had very long hair (almost to my booty) and I was proud of it. I confess, the hair cut was necessary because my tips were pretty damaged.

So this is my hair before I went to the hairdressers...

And after...

I don't like the facts that the hairdresser cut my hair too much and I literally cried when I step in to our apartment. My mom said that is looked fine and I just needed to wash my hair.
Yeah this is another thing. I wanted my own, natural curls, I wanted my hair dried with hair drier and that's it. Hairdresser said ok but put like 6 different hair products on my hair and the result were this greasy looking hair and unnatural curls.

I must say that this was a first time for me at this place and I liked the hair cut (not the fact that they shorten my hair too much) but I don't like how much hair products they use (and I really don't like brand Tigi). I'm used of a totally different hair salon, where they use only natural hair products (Harologi). The reason that I went to a new place is that my hairdresser that was taking care of my hair on a regular bases, opened her new hair salon (unfortunately not near me).

So ok, now it is what it is. Next time I think I will go back to Harologi or I will find a way to go to my old hairdresser and see her new place (by the way, she is using Harologi too).

nedelja, 01. februar 2015

New in #2 (Essence I Love Nude trend edition haul + others)

I know, I know. I posted post like this just a few days ago. But today, early in the morning, I was shopping for Essence I love nude collection. It was all gone in Ljubljana, so I went to Kamnik. Naturally I didn't just buy Essence things (like I was planning to).

From I love nude collection I got two lipsticks: 01 Wearing Only A Smile and 04 It's Nude Time. I also bought two eyeshadows: 01 Vanilla Sugar and 02 Cake Pop. Last but not least is a Lash Princess mascara which I was so eager to try.

Yes, I like pale shades so I (naturally) went for more pale colours. Most of the girls would buy more darker shades. Another problem with me and darker shades is that I don't like brown shades and my skin is pale so dark brown lipstick would look awful in my opinion. 

Last two things that I bought are from Garnier. First is a BB Cream and second is a Micellar Cleansing Water that I never tried and I hope that it will work for my skin. 

Reviews will be up soon ;)

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Essence Trend Edition ''Cinderella''

Just in time for the release of Walt Disney Pictures’ movie ‘Cinderella’ on the 12th of March 2015, essence have once again teamed up with Disney to present the new trend edition, ‘Cinderella’ available in March 2015. With an enchanting mix of colours, this collection features mother-of-pearl, gold, rose, purple, red and blue in cosmetics for your eyes, lips, face and nails. The highlighter in a three-dimensional rose design is an absolute must for creating a soft, rosy glow while the iridescent lip glosses give perfect sparkle and shine! You can even decorate your nails using eye-catching Cinderella nail stickers!

Eyeshadow palette:
Five perfectly aligned eyeshadows with a silky-soft texture in one palette. Mother-of-pearl, rose, purple, light and dark blue as well as gold will help you create eye make-up styles for any occasion. Available in 01 it's more than I ever hoped for.

Two new lipglosses in a romantic pastel rose and daring bright red which combine iridescent glitter particles to make lips sparkle. Available in 01 sing, sweet nightingale and 02 so this is love.

With this highly pigmented powder blush, your complexion gets a fresh new look. A gentle sweep on your cheeks is enough for a soft rouge touch! Available in 01 so this is love.

Create soft, rose shimmer accents on your face and neckline with the highlighter powder - the ultimate item for a radiant complexion. Available in 01 the glass slipper.

Nail polish:
Introducing four exciting nail colours with two different effects! Rose and purple provide nails with a smooth porcelain finish while blue and gold offer a cool metallic effect. Available in 01 sing, sweet nightingale, 02 bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, 03 prince charming and 04 watch out lady tremaine!


Glitter topper:
A sparkling top coat with silver flakes and iridescent glitter in purple and blue creates awesome effects on your nails. Simply apply on top of your favorite polish or on your natural nail for added sparkle! Available in 01 the glass slipper.

Nail stickers:
These cute nail stickers are inspired by popular Disney cartoon classics and are available in two styles – before and after the fairy godmother’s big transformation! Available in 01 the stroke of midnight and 02 it's more than i ever hoped for.