četrtek, 29. januar 2015

New in #1

Since I got home from Slovenia, I spent a lot of time in shops. I can't go out of my skin. I'm just happy that my fiancé understands my love for makeup and drives me from Ljubljana to Kranj if I don't get what I want.

I will begin with makeup.

I will start from the top: 

Victoria's Secret: Fragrance Mist - Secret Charm
Essence ''Like An Unforgettable Kiss'' edition: 
       1) Lipstick - 02 Pink me
       2) Duo Blush - 01 Nothing But Lovestoned
       3) Blush Brush - 01 Dear Valentine! 
Essence ''Hidden Stories'' edition:
       1) Mascara Topper - 02 Where Did I Park My Unicorn? 

Labello: Lip Butter - Coconut
Catrice (Roc-o-co edition): nail polish - C03 Soleil à Solitude  
Catrice (Viennart edition): mirror 
Deborah: Beauty Cake - Lilac

Now we will move to this little electronic device for skin that I'm so excited about. I got it in Hofer and it was on sale and it's from Silk'n - DualClean. I decided to give it a try. I will write a review on it after some time, so I can give it a try and see, if it does anything for your skin. 

Now we can move on to clothes. I have many clothes and I really didn't need to buy this ones... But you know, it's just awesome to buy new clothes. 

First are two T-shirts from NewYorker. Because I like Simpsons and Despicable Me cartoons, I needed to buy this two shirts. 

I also got a new scarf. Black one with black lace around the edges. 

Next shop that I went in was Paul And Bear. There I bought this dark red skirt and jeans vest.

The last thing are this cute Hello Kitty sleepers. I bought them in Woman's Secret.

There is also one thing that I want to share with you. I just made a facebook page and it would be awesome if you would follow me :)


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