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Happy new year + what's new?

Hello guys!

First of all, happy new year to all of you! I wish you all the best in 2015!

It's been a while but as you know I am currently studying in Prague and I spent my holidays away from social media. I was at home in Ljubljana enjoying company of my family and... I was actually working from 26-30th of December. On the 31st, me and my boyfriend came back to Prague to celebrate New Year's eve.

I will talk about Christmas first. My mother cocked the best dinner ever and I was so full with food by the end of the evening, that I couldn't sleep :D . Yes, my mother always cooks too much food, like she has 20 mouths to feed.

As for presents, I bought a lot of them for my friends and family and I got quite a lot of them, too.
This year, I didn't wish anything in particular.

But, from my boyfriend's mother I got two Makeup Revolution London pallets. One was Give Them Nightmares which I already own but I just LOVE it and it is nice to have one ''in stock''. The other pallet was the naked one called Iconic Dreams. At first, I was really sceptic about it since the pallet isn't containing my typical colours. But I gave it a try for the Christmas dinner and I instantly fell in love with it. With two pallets I got two different lipsticks. One is purple lipstick (again Makeup Revolution London) from Atomic collection, the Make It Right lipstick and the other one is actually a lipstick combined with lip gloss, it's from collection Lip Power, the Everything's Alright. This one is a bright, almost orange lipstick but it makes my lips full and really sexy :D .

From my parents I actually got a bunch load of stuff. Before I went home, my parents and my boyfriend came to Prague and we stayed here for 3 days before going back to Ljubljana. In Prague they bought me a new pair of low combat boots with steal toe. We found them on sale (the sale price was below 37€!) in this huge gothic shop called Nosferatu in Prague. I also got some cosmetic products from Dermacol (a brand which they sell here in Czech Republic that I just adore and I hope I can order their products on-line in future) and two creams from Mixa. At home, there was something waiting for me under the Christmas tree. In the package there was this great and funky cardigan in dark purplish-red colour (which I can wear instead of a light coat when the weather will get warm) and two nail polishes from Alessandro, one in the colour of the cardigan and one in grey.

From other members of my family I mostly got money and some other little stuff.

From my boyfriend I got this Monster High doll that I was excited about in Prague and they sold it out but he managed to find it in Austria and I also got the biggest and most fluffy and awesome plush squirrel I have ever seen.

Now we can move to my roommates. my Slovenian roommate got me some of my favourite Christmas tea, a t-shirt from Rich Hobos (Slovenian sk8ter guys with awesome designs) and a pack of Christmas tea candles from Yankee Candle. My Bulgarian roommate got me this cute gift box from Dermacol which contained a shower gel and body lotion with a scent of watermelon.

So for the New Year's Eve, I spent it with my boyfriend and our friend in the Prague's city centre where we were looking at the midnight fireworks and just party :D .

So this is it for my New Years post and there is a HUGE surprise that I am so excited to tell you about. ;)

*I'm sorry that there is no photos of my gifts... I will put them up soon, but first I need to organise my stuff because I'm already packing to go home :D

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