torek, 01. december 2015

Opening of advent calendars: 1. day

I can officially say that I had never, ever own an advent calendar before. So this year I decided to buy one for my self and I decided on advent calendar from Essence. Later on, me and my fellow blogger were discussing all the advent calendars that we could find and we came across Bale advent calendar. Instantly I knew that I wanted one! At first it didn't look good as they said that they will only be sold in DMs in Germany. But when Tamara from CherryColors blog published a photo of her holding Balea advent calendar and said that you can get it in Slovenia too... Well I needed to get one as fast as possible!

So here they are! My two advent calendars. I will be posting photos of the content daily on my Facebook page and Instagram profile and I will also try to make blog posts about the content of the calendars every day.


Under the first window of  Essence advent calendar there was this beautiful red nail polish. It is a little bit lighter than it appears in the flask bit still, it is just perfect for the upcoming Christmas! Nail polish is creamy and you can apply it without any problems. For photos I used two coats but I think, that one, thicker, coat would do.

I also like that note that is printed on the other side of the window. I can't wait to read them all! I also need to say that the order of the products isn't the same in all of their advent calendars (if you click on the CherryColors blog, you can see that Tamara got polish in beautiful dark green!).


I am a huge fan of Balea products and I am happy that I got the chance to put my hand on one of their calendars. Under the first window, there was hiding Balea's bodymilk which smells really nice!

Did you get an advent calendar for yourself too? Which one? What do you think about Essence and Bale advent calendars? :)

sreda, 21. oktober 2015

October, the month of PINK

By now, you should notice that we are celebrating annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You can see pink ribbons everywhere.

What is breast cancer?
Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that starts in the cells of the breast. A malignant tumor is a group of cancer cells that can grow into (invade) surrounding tissues or spread (metastasize) to distant areas of the body. The disease occurs almost entirely in women, but men can get it, too (American Cancer Society, 2015). 

It is important to know how to self-examine your breasts to discover any abnormalities in breast tissue. The earlier you discover them, the better it is! So don't forget to examine ''your two friends'' regularly! It is also good to have healthy lifestyle as well (healthy food, exercise).

I, along with lots of other Slovenian bloggers, decided to show support. We decided that this Wednesday is a PINK day. The rules were simple, just wear pink, have pink makeup or nails... Whatever you wanted! Since the day isn't over yet I urge you to join us and wear PINK!

And here is what I did in collaboration with other bloggers. I decided to do my first nail art manicure (it isn't perfect but I'm happy with the result) and to do a light pink makeup. I searched my makeup case and finally found every thing that I had in pink.

All the products I used for my makeup and nails are from Essence!
For my eyes I used eyeshadow palettes form TE Cinderella and Brit-Tea and Lashmania waterproof mascara.
For my lips I used: lipstick 02 Pink Me from TE Like An Unforgettable Kiss.
For my nail I used 03 Ring Around The Rosy from TE Fun Fair, 04 Snow Alert! from TE Mountain Calling, 02 Lovely Lavender from TE Bloom Me Up!. To draw a ribbon I used nail & cuticle tattoo liner and at the end, I sealed every thing with quick dry top coat.

Don't forget to check out posts from other Slovenian bloggers :) 

petek, 16. oktober 2015

Review: Ciaté nail polish

About a week ago, I saw that they started to sell Ciaté nail polishes in Slovenia! You can buy their nail polishes in DM Drogeriemarket (not all of DMs have them, though). I was searching for a shade that will go great with this fall weather (and later on winter), so I bought PP018 dangerous affair (I really like names of their nail polishes!).

The Ciaté dangerous affair is this really beautiful, gorgeous and awesome burgundy color. I am really in LOVE with it! The package which contains the polish is really something different. I like the unusual shape of the bottle and a little black ribbon on it.

The nail polish is creamy and not too thick or too runny. In my opinion it has just perfect consistency and it is really easy to work with it. The handle of brush is a little bit longer and at first I thought that it will be a problem but I quickly found out the opposite. The brush is soft and it ensures you the perfect and smooth application. It dries quickly, I did my left hand first than moved to the right hand and in time that I was done with the right hand, I could put a second coat on my left. You can took the nail polish off your fingers easily (I messed my left hand and I needed to redo it).

I'm happy that DM Drogeriemarkt Slovenia decided to sell this beauties! The price is 9,99€ per bottle and they sell (in my opinion) quite a lot of different shades. I think that every girl will find the perfect one for her.

I think that in (near) future I will have a lot of this beauties at home, I did like a lot of shades :)

sreda, 14. oktober 2015

Essence Trend Edition '' All The Greys''

Grey shades! With the new trend edition “all that greys”, essence is taking a journey back in time  to the “Roaring Twenties”  –  famous for its wild parties and many Hollywood beauties  -  from  mid November to mid  December  2015.  The collection offers exciting party-proof  products  that  focus  on  the  trendiest  colour  of  2016:  grey.  Elegant  grey shades meet upon rosy-red shades and merge into a perfect union for the retro-glam of the  1920’s.  The  it-pieces  include  an  eyeshadow  palette  with  seven  powdery  shades  and various  effects,  a  smokey  eye  pencil  with  a  spring-loaded  sponge  applicator  and  corner lashes for fabulous lash highlights. The Charleston style hair bandeau perfectly rounds off the expressive look. Let’s celebrate… with essence!

Eyeshadow palette:

Rose,  Red & Grey!  The eyeshadow palette  offers  the entire colour range of  the  trend  edition with  seven  different  shades.  The  soft,  powdery texture  with  a  high  coverage  is  easy  to  apply  with  the  duo-applicator. Thanks  to  the  integrated  mirror,  you  can  refresh  your  make-up  on  the
way  from  the  dance  floor  to  the  bar.  Available  in  01  7  shades  of  rose and grey. (around 4,99€*)

Smokey eye pencil:

Powder  Pencil!  The  high-quality  smokey  eye  pencil  in  black  and  silvermetallic  with  a  springloaded  sponge  applicator  ensures  a  particularly comfortable application of  eyeshadow powder.  Each time the  eye pencil is opened, the sponge  absorbs powder from the lid so that it can easily be  applied  and  blended  using  the  applicator.  Available  in 01 back to black and 02 greyt times. (around 2,99€*)

Corner lashes:

That  Twenties  Look.  The  corner  lashes  create  an  expressive  look  in  a flash.  Applied  on  the  outer  corners  of  the  eye,  these  false  lashes emphasize  and  add  density  to  your  own  lashes.  Includes  lash  glue. Available in 01 a little party never killed nobody. (around 2,49€*)


Kiss  and  tell!  The  lipglosses  with  a  high  coverage  provide  the  lips  with gorgeous  colour  accents  and  a  glossy  finish  in  intensive  dark  red  and soft  rosewood.  Available  in  01  roaring  red  and  02  that´s  what  rose would do. (around 1,99€*)

Porcelain loose face & body powder:

Porcelain  Glow.  The  light,  loose  powder  in  soft  nude  contains  lightreflecting  pigments  to  give  your  face  and  body  a  beautiful  glow.  The powder  puff  captures  and  blends  the  powder  perfectly.  Available  in  01 be classy & fabulous.  (around 3,29€*)

Nail polish:

Gatsby's  collection!  Four  cool  shades  ranging  from  stone  grey  to anthracite  to  black  and  dark  red  allow  you  to  create  totally  trendy  nail styles.  Two  effects  -  pearly  matt  and  high  gloss,  ensure  diverse  looks. Available  in  01  back  to  black,  02  step  into  the  grey  zone,  03  greyt times, 04 girl with a pearl and 05 roaring red. (around 1,99€*)

Nail sticker:

Pearls  &  lace.  Turn  the  nails  into  works  of  art  with  these  two  selfadhesive  sticker  versions  –  a  black  lace  band  and  single  light  pearls.  An  absolute  eye-catcher  and  totally  unique.  Available  in  01  dressed  in lace & pearls.  (around 1,49€*)

Hair bandeau:

Turn back time! The breathtaking anthracite-black hair band with silver sequins is reminiscent of the legendary Charleston look and captures theunique charm of the 20’s. Available in 01 ladies´ choice. (around 1,99€*)

*recommended retail price

If you are on of those that can't wait for this trend edition from Essence, check out Tamara's post on her blog Cherry Colors. She is a really lucky girl and received the eyeshadow palette earlier (I'm so jealous :D). She did the swatches and shared her first thoughts with us.

What are your thoughts on this Essence trend edition? What do you really wanna buy from it? I must admit that I would love to have some nail polishes (like I don't have enough of them), I really NEED eyeshadow pallet and I'm interested in glosses and eye pencils too.

torek, 13. oktober 2015

My fall favorites

Outside is getting cold again and the leaves are changing their color. I really like to spend this days outside with my fiancé. We like to take long walks in nature with our new dog Ziggy.

But everything isn't so nice. Cold is really affecting my skin and I really need to take extra care of it. I started to use my facial brush on the daily basis and it just became one of those things that I can't live without. My favorite skin products are Afrodita Clean Phase cleansing gel, Garnie Micellar Water in combination with Mixa's Soothing Toner. As for skin care creams, I use two. At mornings I always use (even under my makeup) Yves Rocher's Sérum Végétal which moisturises my skin perfectly, reduces shining and reduces wrinkles. And at evening I always use Mixa's Balancing Cream.

As for my makeup and favorite colors: I just love to use my Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 eyeshadow pallet. I think that the brown shimmery shades are just perfect for this time of the year. Beside it, I also use my Too Faced Cat Eye pallet and Makeup Revolution Give Them Nightmares pallet (you can read my review of it here).

For my lips I love to use moisturising lip balms, glosses or lipsticks. Most of the time I just use my Eos lipbalm. I also love my MAC Pervette and Marc Jakobs  108 Have We Met? lipstick. I also use Kiko's Lip Scrub to make my lips smooth.

I care for my hands with L'Occitane's hand cream with shea butter. It smells really nice and my hands are soft and moisturized.

I wrote that is getting colder, so I really enjoy my evenings in, under my blanket, snuggling with my fiancé. Of course there is always tea near by. Mostly I drink green and red tea with a hint of milk.

And to be a little romantic, candles must be present! I have many candles in my drawer but my favorite right now is Yanke Candle Lemon and Lavender. It reminds me of summer and I must admit that I miss it a little.

What are your fall favorites? :)

nedelja, 10. maj 2015

Review: Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer

After a long time (again) I'm here with a Makeup Revolution lip lacquer that is really just up my ally. I was browsing through Makeup Revolution's products on Lič and I found Salvation collection. There was one shade that caught my attention.

Velvet Depravity is blue based lilac shade and it is just perfect for me. It really goes well with my dark makeup and it brings that WOW factor and everyone will look after you.

This product is just packed with pigmentation (like it is on steroids). Because of its liquid formula it is a joy to use and you don't struggle to put it on your lips. When you are done, you will end with a beautifully pigmented lips with matte finish. Before applying I would recommend to moist your lips.

I said that the lip lacquer is easy to apply. That is correct, but because of the quick drying to get that matt finish, there is not a lot of room for mistakes. I would point out that there is no need for hurry with this product and maybe do have a mirror when you apply it :D .

The lasting time of this lip lacquer is just stunning. For me, it lasted for about 6 hours (in this time, I was drinking and eating). After that I noticed a slight fading in the middle of my lips. Nothing that you can't repair. Another big plus is that it didn't ever stained a glass or transferred to my fiancé's lips while kissing (and my honey says that this is really important... So wearing this for a date? Hell yeah.).

I had a big struggle to take this thing off my lips. I soon figured out that the normal makeup remover won't do the trick, so I used something on oil base (Jojoba oil) and it worked like a miracle. You can also use normal Olive oil that you find in your kitchen or any other oil. Just put a small amount on cotton pad and you are good to go!

I would highly recommended this lip lacquer because of it quality and long-lasting. You can by one on Lič at really affordable price (4,95€) and they also have a big range of shades.

I think I will buy the whole collection of darker shades (Black Heart, Rebel and Vamp).

nedelja, 05. april 2015

Essence: The Gel Nail Polish review

We can find lots of nail polishes with gel formula on the market and they are very popular this days. This kind of nail polishes don't need an UV light, they just dry with this very glossy finish.

A few days ago, Essence released 46 new nail polishes with the gel formula (some of the shades are new and some are old). The collection is called The Gel nail polish and there is no need to own an UV light.

When I first heard about this collection, I was very excited. I am using gelish manicure all the time. The fact, that you don't need UV light for polishes from Essence just thrilled me. The first day that I found out that the collection has been released in Slovenia, I went to the store. I was a lucky girl because there they were, all shades on two (!) stands. I picked out four shades (I would buy them more, but I was in a hurry). I've tried out just two of them and I'm really impressed.

The pigmentation of this nail polishes is just great (but on the other hand I picked up the strong colours because I like them more). I have tried out Don't Be Shy (lime-green colour) and Electriiiiiic (blue colour). The both nail polishes have a great pigmentation. As for applying, they both apply easy, but for me, the Electriiiiiic was better. The Don't Be Sky polish is a little more thicker and I just needed to put a little extra effort in it. But over all, I like both polishes. Both of them dried quite quickly, and here I need to say, that I used thick coats.

I applied the Electriiiiiic five days ago and it was ''untouched'' till today (I took it off to try the Don't Be Shy polish). So for duration I can say that they last quite long (one week for sure!). I don't know how it goes with washing dishes and stuff like that because we all know that water isn't the best friend of polishes.


I really like this polishes and I'm happy that they give me the same, really glossy finish as my gelish does. I still need to try out the two polishes that I have at home (Prince Charming - the shimmery one and Let's Get Lost) and I need to buy a lost of other shades that I like.

Have you tried any of this polishes out? What do you think?

petek, 03. april 2015

My passion: Synthetic dreadlocks

I have really thick hair and uncontrollable curls. I have had long hair for all my life. Ok, I experimented with a little bit shorter hairstyle but I quickly find out that I look like a poodle. I also need to say, that I didn't dye my hair. I mean like NEVER in my life and I don't intend to do it any day soon. I love my hair and I don't want to damage them.

With years I got bored with my almost the same haircut all the time. I've started to look around what can I do and came across this synthetic dreadlocks that you just braid in your hair and get them out whenever you feel like it.

My first synthetic dreadlocks were made in a hair salon. At first I got just three, on the one side of my head. In a month time, I went back for three more on the other side. When I got bored with them, I simply took them out. Soon, I wanted more, but they were quite expensive, so I decided to try to make them on my own! I bought synthetic hair on the internet, I had an old hair straightener at home... I was good to go!

I actually did a pretty good job. I did 35 double ended dreadlocks. And my fiancé braided them in. Then I realise that so many dreads is just too much. My head was heavy and washing those dreads was a pain in the... I wore them for three weeks (I think) and then took them out.

The next ones were in purple-pink colour. I wore those for about three months. I braided them in my hair a few days before I went to Prague.

I this are my last dreads. Four plain black single ended dreads. I wanted to make red dreads but I need to order the hair. But on the other hand, I was always wondering what would I look like with black locks of hair. And I made just four of them, so my head won't be heavy.

This synthetic dreadlocks are one of my biggest passion and I enjoy doing them. We will see what will the next ones look like.

sreda, 01. april 2015

New in: cloths & makeup

Hello beauties!

In the past few days, I was spending my money like crazy. I even don't know what got in to me. The majority of my money I spent in Pull & Bear. I must confess, at first I didn't like this store but when my friend started working there, everything changed. She knows me well and she always thinks of my stile and size. So she just tells me what would I like and most of the thing I buy then. It is awesome to have ''personal shopping assistant''.

So let me show you my new stuff...

From Pull & Bear...

First are this two shirts. The white one has a printed picture of bicycle and flowers on it. I find it really romantic and it will be perfect for my vacation in Amsterdam in July. The second shirt is just a plain black shirt with wine-red dots. I'm a huge fan of dost and the colours are just perfect for me.

I also bought this trousers that are from really light and very breathable material. They will be perfect for not so warm summer days or at the evenings when I will go on a walk with my dogs or just for coffee with friends.

And the last are this platform sandals that I have been looking at for quite some time. At the end, I decided just to try them on (I was going to wait for the summer sales because the shoes were 50€ and at that point I didn't have that money), but my future mother in law decided to buy them for me and I'm really grateful for this gesture. I just can't wait that the weather will be warm enough!

From Zara...

I really like long dresses and when I saw this dress, I just melted. I know that it isn't in my typical stile but I really find it very comfortable and romantic. I just can't wait to put it on my self! 


Surprisingly, I didn't buy much makeup. I treated my self with Revlon Colorstay foundation (I still can't decide if I like it or not!) and eyebrow set from Catrice. As you know I am a big fan of gelish nails so naturally, I needed to buy this new Essence gel nail polish (of course, I also bought base and top coat). An for the cherry on the top, I bought a Maybelline Colorama All Access NY top coat (top coat No. 425).

Last but not least...

Here are my new All Stars! This is one of my favourite piece that I bought. It was a late birthday gift from my self. I was looking at these babies for almost two years and on Saturday, I decided to go and buy them because they anyway won't be on sale never in the future. I don't regret spending 80€ for them. They are this darker green colour and they look a little bit out worn.

petek, 20. marec 2015

I'm back and ready for SPRING!

First of all, I would like to talk a little about why I stopped writing my blog. The new semester started and I had classes and on top of that I was having my driving lessons. Yeah, I finally got my driving licence and it took me just 3 weeks to get it (I'm really proud of my self for this). As for the school... I have no comments. I just hope that exams will be over soon, so I can enjoy my summer.

As you probably noticed, the spring is here (et least in my country :D). I'm super excited about it, because spring is my favourite part of the year. New wardrobe, new shoes, new makeup, new perfumes... Everything changes and everything is just more happier than in winter :D.
And this is what I have been up to:

Yes, we'we started to plan our wedding. I'm super excited about it and so is my fiancé and our love ones!

So what are my essentials for this spring? :D


For my makeup, I will probably use a lot of natural shades on my face and when I will go out, the black is still my No.1. I will be using like crazy my Makeup Revolution naked pallet, I just love the shades and colours. And as for my lips: just a little hint of colour will do the trick :)


The first thing on the list that I will get out of my closet are my All Stars. I own around 15 pairs (there is definitely a pair that I forgot to count... ups!). I just love this Converse shoes and they are my No.1 of the shoes. I'm also excited to wear my high heels.
I will be in skirts a lot (I just love skirts, I prefer lacy ones ;) but I will wear my skinny black jeans a lot too.
I glad that day by day is getting warmer and I will soon put away my winter jacket and start wearing my leather on :D .

Motorcycle stuff

I like being on a motorbike and with the sun, the motorcycle season is open. My fiancé drives and I just enjoy the wind. So my essentials for this spring are of course things that you need up there. My leather jacket, my motorcycle jeans, helmet, glove and stuff like that.

Sun = Sunglasses!

Recently, I added a lot of sunglasses to my collection. You know, those cheap ones that I don't care if something happens to them. My all time favourite are of course my my Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses. And let me tell you, I will buy some more glasses. They just have so awesome glasses in Pull&Bear clothes store.

This will be for now all and see you soon ;)