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Review of Makeup Revolution ''Give Them Nightmares'' Eyeshadow Palette

It seams like every girl is so impressed with Makeup Revolution and naturally I needed to try this out. I was looking at their products for quite some time now and I could tell from other reviews that Makeup Revolution seems to produce great quality makeup and that the makeup is really affordable to anyone.

I bought this pallet from Ličila.si. Pallet is a part of Makeup Revolution's limited edition Salvation collection. The pallet consists of green, purple and grey eyeshadows and it was just perfect for me. I got it, again, last week, when my boyfriend came to Prague.

The pallet came to me in a pretty package which really caught my attention when I was deciding on which pallet should I try out. Eyeshadows are placed in a glossy black box which is not to big to put it in a regular purse and inside it is equipped with a big mirror (I really appreciate this big mirror, especially if you are in a apartment with three other girls and you need to share the bathroom on the night of some great party). The pallet contains of 18 shades, 12 of them are shimmery and 6 of them matte. The shimmery shades are placed in upper area of the the pallet, mattes are placed at the bottom.

I just can't say enough about the quality of this eyeshadows. They really have this great pigmentation and even after a all night party, they are still just glowing on you. And when I say that they stay, I mean it. I don't use any bases or primers for fixating my makeup.
The eyeshadows are really easy to put on and you don't need to rip off your eyelid to make them even.

I just can't get enough of this pallet, I am using it all the time, especially I can't put my hands off the greens.

I would recommend Makeup Revolution and their products to any girl. Their products are really affordable (for the pallet you will pay around 10€ in Slovenia) and the quality is great.

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