četrtek, 18. december 2014

My December favorites

The winter is coming, well in Prague the winter had come already. It is really cold outside and the cold is affecting my lips, hands and skin in general.

I have many lip balms (at least one in almost every purse I own). But right now, my favourite two are Mybeline Baby Lips Electro and a lip balm from La Roche - Posay Cicaplast Levres (yeah, I bought it on vacation in Paris because my lips were falling apart). I just have to have this two lip balms around me at all times.

Second that I carry around all the time is hand cream. I have many of them but right now my favourite is Essence ''Mountain Calling'' Hand Balm (it' good for the nails too). It smells divine and my hands are soft at all the times. The cherry on the top is the fact, that is great for nails too, because I'm using gelish a lot.

For my face, I use two different creams. But first I always wash my face with a gentle peeling which I bought in Rossmann and it's really good and cheap. So, lets move to the creams. One is Avène Hydrance Optimal Légère which really moistures my shin beautifully and it's intended for young skin. The second one is something that my boyfriend bought for me. It's made after a Swedish recipe and it's called Originalna krema Mame Hanne. It's an expensive cream, but it's worth every euro. It's more greasy and it's perfect when my skin is really dry. Sometimes I use it for my hands and lips too.

And the final thing I can't live without in this cold days is tea. I'm a big fan of all kinds of tea. But my favourite teas are the real ones. They can get really expensive but it's fine with me. I have a whole collection of teas, but my favourite is green tea called China White Snow Bud. I also like to drink red and black tea too. Sometimes with a hint of milk in it.

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