torek, 25. november 2014

Review of some products from Essence trend edition ''Good Girl, Bad Girl''

I was really looking forward to this edition. I was searching for it like crazy in Prague and since I couldn't find it any where, I ordered some items from Click2Chic and my boyfriend brought them to me last week.

I wanted to order both lipsticks, but since I have one great purple lipstick, I just ordered the pink one. And I ordered two nail polishes: the one with the porcelain effect and the one with leather effect. The waiting for the products was not fine, I can tell you that. I was so anxious about them :D

So here they are now...

Lipstick 02 Caught In The Middle

The colour isn't dark or something like that and it's definitely not my stile. But since I didn't have lipstick like that, I thought I will give it a try. I like it, oddly. I don't wear it every day, just occasionally, but it really looks good on lips. 
I like that it do not dry out after some time and the lips are really smooth. There is minimal or even no stains left on glass after drinking and even kissing ;). My only negative thought is, that pigmentation doesn't last for at least several hours. 

Nail polish 03 Who Am I? Porcelain Effect

I was looking forward to this polish but I really don't like it now. Today, I tried it out and it was just one big catastrophe. The polish is drying to fast so I couldn't make it really even and when the nail was done, on some parts of my nails, there weren't any polish and on every nail I could see the moves of the brush and I really wasn't nice, so I took it off. 

Nail polish 04 Caught In The Middle Leather Effect

When the first polish didn't work out for me, I decided that I give it a try with this one. And again...I didn't like it. The glitters in the polish are to big and chunky so they were just sticking out of my nail. I thought that the second coat would do the trick, but it didn't. And if I tell the truth, I saw some of other polishes with leather effect, but I just can't see the leather effect in this one. It's just like black nail polish with some glitter in it. 

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