ponedeljek, 17. november 2014

My makeup box

This was one of presents that my boyfriend gave me when I was home. I wanted makeup box for some years now, but I didn't do anything about it. Then his mother bot it for her accessors and I felt in love with the box.
So I went with my boyfriend to Baumax in Kranj. They had lots of colours but hey, black is my colour :).

The box is quite big and it isn't heavy (yay). It has this compartments that you can divide in different lengths. An at the bottom there is lots of space for pallets, brushes and stuff like that. Also, you can lock the box.

I didn't put my makeup in it yet, since I didn't take it with me to Prague and there wasn't much makeup at home (yes, I have almost all of my makeup with me). I just can't wait to start organising it.

An I have this fear, that this box won't be big enough for everything :D

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