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Maybelline BABY LIPS Electro Lip Balm Review

As I wrote in one of mine previous posts, I spent last week at home and I also went on a trip with my boyfriend and his mother to Trieste. We were just walking around and visited some shops with clothes, but I did't found anything for me.

In of their make up shops I found a new BABY LIPS lip balm from Maybelline. The line is called Electro and the lip balms are pigmented. There are 6 different colour of the lip balm (two of them are neon colours but on lips, they are just like ordinary lip balm). I chose purple colour (BERRY BOMB), since I really darker colours.

I couldn't wait to go home and try out the new lip balm!

When I opened it, I could smell the sweet scent of it. It smells gorgeous and it makes you want to eat it. When I pout the balm on my lips it also tasted great. Lips were very soft and they actually stayed soft for long time. The pigmentation is not like with a normal lipstick, but you can see the colour on your lips. Even if the colour is not that obvious, it looks great and it just perfect for every day use (I don't use lipsticks on a daily bases but I still like my lips to look pretty and that they have some colour on them). I need to add here, that the colour wasn't purple but it was more of a pink-purple.

I recommend this lip balm to all girls who doesn't want to use lipstick all the time, but at the same time, they want to have pigmented lips. The balm also makes your lips really soft (just for kissing ;) and in addition to that, they smelly really delicious.

Here is the link to the lip balm and there you can see other colours too:

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