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Essence Trend Edition ''Mountain Calling''

It’s time to hit the slopes! We’re heading to the mountains in December 2014 with the 
new essence trend edition “mountain calling”. Let’s go skiing, cross-country skiing or 
hiking! The colour scheme with white, blue, red and dark green shades provides a winter 
feeling as well as a cool look. Thanks to the hand & nail balm, every beauty’s hands are 
given the intensive care they need to withstand even the coldest temperatures. The 
highlights of the trend edition are the eyeshadow palette with six colours and socks with a 
norwegian design. And the topper with white snowflake elements creates a nail style with 
a true snow-effect. The mountains are calling… with essence!

Eyeshadow palette:
Wonderful winter! The eyeshadow palette is extremely convincing with its
winter colour combination of white, gold, brown as well as light and dark 
blue. Thanks to the high pigmentation and various effects ranging from 
pearly to matt, all mountain beauties are sure to attract plenty of 
attention. The packaging design is gorgeous, too, surrounding the 
eyeshadows with a true winter wonderland! Available in 01 meet me @ 
the ski lodge. (around 3,99€*)

2in1 kajal pencil: Ice and earth colours! The duo kajal pencils in the cool colour 
combinations light and dark blue as well as dark green and brown offer 
accurate results on the upper and lower eyelid. The shades can be 
combined to create a trendy colour effect. Available in 01 today is fun day 
and 02 we love winter holidays!. (around 1,49€*)

Lip balm: A thing of the past... dry, chapped lips! The light and creamy formula of 
this lip balm makes lips feel pleasantly soft. Transparent white with a light 
shimmer and red provide a touch of glam in the mountains. Available in 
01 snow alert! and 02 let's climb mount beauty. (around 1,49€*)

Cream to powder blush: Rosy cheeks, even in the wintertime… this blush gives your complexion a 
fresh touch in the darker months of the year. Simply apply the creamy 
texture with your fingertips and blend – it instantly melts with your skin 
and provides powdery results. Available in 01 let's climb mount beauty. (around 3,79€*)

Translucent powder: Keep cool! The powder ensures a matt, flawless finish all day long. No 
matter how challenging your winter activities are – your make-up will 
remain untouched. The translucent powder adapts to the individual skin 
tone, making it suitable for all skin types. With a cool mountain 
embossment on the surface of the texture! Available in 01 snow alert!. (around 3,29€*)

Nail polish: A perfect match for your outfit on the slopes! With the nail polishes in red,
dark green, white and light blue, trendy looks are guaranteed. The longlasting
texture and high coverage turn these nail polishes into perfect
companions for a trip to the mountains. Available in 01 today is fun day,
02 we love winter holidays!, 03 let's climb mount beauty and 04 snow
alert!. (around 1,59€*)

Snow top coat: Snowflakes. This transparent top coat is a highlight for all ski bunnies.
Thanks to white snowflake elements, you can create a surprising snoweffect
on your nails. Simply apply on top of nail polish.
Available in 01 snow alert!. (around 1,99€*)

Hand & nail balm: Care & cure! The moisturizing hand and nail cream ensures perfectly soft 
and pampered hands and nails, even when it’s cold as ice and the 
temperatures are below zero. The special formula won’t leave your hands 
feeling oily. Available in 01 meet me @ the ski lodge. (around 1,99€*)

Socks: Super cozy… warm feet are guaranteed for all girls in the alps with these 
stylish socks. The woolen socks have a hip norwegian design and are the 
ideal companions when the weather is cold and frosty outside. Available 
in 01 meet me @ the ski lodge. (around 3,99€*)

Essence “Mountain Calling” will be 
available in stores in December 2014

* Recommended retail price 

I cant wait to get my hands on a pair of this socks (they look so warm and the motive on them is just for winter dais!), hand balm, snow top coat (it will look awesome with the black nail polish) and translucent powder.  

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  1. This I really need to get (not the whole collection) but some I really do want to have in my collection of make-up :D