torek, 11. november 2014

Beauty haul

When me and my friend say:''We are just going for coffee in the centre of Prague,'' it really means we are going to shop for 6 hours and then we are going to rest at some coffee place where they serve good coffee and they have a good and free WI-FI connection.

And there wasn't any difference this time :).

When we got out of the metro, the first stop was Rossmann where I bought four new nail polishes, nail art designer set form Essence, Essence Effect lipgloss, some facial peeling and a beauty set for my feet (pumice stone and a foot cream). In New Yorker I bought black matching bra and panties and also a red bra with matching thongs. In cloths store called Sinsey (clothes there aren't cheap) I bought a cute T-shirt.

The nail polishes I bought from Essence are: 
156 Me & My Lover (the red one and it has a sand effect)
104 Sweet As Candy (the pink one, it looks very natural on nails)
173 Over The Rainbow

The Over The Rainbow nail polish is very cute and it reminds me of fairies. I actually have it on right now and it has this shimmer which I really like. The colour is purple-blue with little sparkle.

An the fourth nail polish was Rimmel's 010 Fizzy Applelicous which has a sand effect to and the colour looks green but when you actually polish your nails is more of a white with a touch of green.

The lipgloss is awesome. My lips really do sparkle and the colour is great too. I wear it every day for my courses and when I don't have much time to put my make up on.

And I really want to show you my Batman T-shirt: 

So this is it for now... 

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