torek, 25. november 2014

Review of some products from Essence trend edition ''Good Girl, Bad Girl''

I was really looking forward to this edition. I was searching for it like crazy in Prague and since I couldn't find it any where, I ordered some items from Click2Chic and my boyfriend brought them to me last week.

I wanted to order both lipsticks, but since I have one great purple lipstick, I just ordered the pink one. And I ordered two nail polishes: the one with the porcelain effect and the one with leather effect. The waiting for the products was not fine, I can tell you that. I was so anxious about them :D

So here they are now...

Lipstick 02 Caught In The Middle

The colour isn't dark or something like that and it's definitely not my stile. But since I didn't have lipstick like that, I thought I will give it a try. I like it, oddly. I don't wear it every day, just occasionally, but it really looks good on lips. 
I like that it do not dry out after some time and the lips are really smooth. There is minimal or even no stains left on glass after drinking and even kissing ;). My only negative thought is, that pigmentation doesn't last for at least several hours. 

Nail polish 03 Who Am I? Porcelain Effect

I was looking forward to this polish but I really don't like it now. Today, I tried it out and it was just one big catastrophe. The polish is drying to fast so I couldn't make it really even and when the nail was done, on some parts of my nails, there weren't any polish and on every nail I could see the moves of the brush and I really wasn't nice, so I took it off. 

Nail polish 04 Caught In The Middle Leather Effect

When the first polish didn't work out for me, I decided that I give it a try with this one. And again...I didn't like it. The glitters in the polish are to big and chunky so they were just sticking out of my nail. I thought that the second coat would do the trick, but it didn't. And if I tell the truth, I saw some of other polishes with leather effect, but I just can't see the leather effect in this one. It's just like black nail polish with some glitter in it. 

ponedeljek, 17. november 2014

Essence Trend Edition ''Like An Unforgettable Kiss''

It’s time to go weak at the knees with a pounding heart and butterflies in your stomach! From mid January to mid February 2015, essence puts all beauties in the mood for Valentine’s Day with the trend edition “like an unforgettable kiss”. The day of love is all about kissing – exciting, tingling and simply unforgettable. The romantic colour scheme mainly consists of pink, purple and red, and focuses on this special sign of affection with lovingly decorated products. Must-haves include the lip smoother for super-soft and kissable lips, the two-tone blushes with a cute heart embossment as well as the fruity-floral fragrance in a mini-size. Love is in the air… with essence!

Memorable moments… the three highly-pigmented eyeshadows with a soft texture create gorgeous eye make-up styles in mint, blue and purple with a fashionable pearl effect. A cute eye-catcher: each colour is embossed with its own symbol – locks, hearts and puckered lips decorate the different colours. Available in 01 always on my mint, 02 love is in the air and 03 cloud number nine.
(around 1,79€*)

Lip smoother:
First kiss! The lip smoother makes lips feel wonderfully soft and supple. Its light peeling effect evens out small lines around your lips. On top of this, the lip smoother also offers a gorgeous shine and feels nice and pleasant on your lips. Available in 01 keep calm and kiss me. (around 1,99€*)

Hopelessly in love… the lipsticks in apricot, pink and bright red keeps the focus on beautiful lips. The high-shine finish offers glossy results and long-lasting moisture. Available in 01 nothing but lovestoned, 02 pink me and 03 keep calm and kiss me. (around 2,29€*)


Duo blush:
Twosome… The duo blush gives your face a gorgeous touch of colour thanks to the two perfectly aligned shades with a high pigmentation. A combination of light apricot and vibrant peach or rosé and pink ensures fresh, rosy cheeks. And the cute heart-shaped packaging is an adorable eye-catcher, too. Available in 01 nothing but lovestoned and 02 pink me. (around 3,29€*)

Blush brush:
True love! The blush brush made of fine synthetic bristles in pink has a slanted shape that makes it especially easy to capture, distribute and blend powder. The purple heart at the middle gives this brush a totally unique look – wow! Available in 01 dear valentine! (around 2,79€*)

Nail polish:
Kiss the hand! Apricot, mint, purple and pink are sure to make the hearts of all beauties beat a little faster. The nail polishes offer high coverage and a gel-shine finish for long-lasting, extra-glossy results. Available in 01 nothing but lovestoned, 02 always on my mint, 03 you let my heart skip a beat and 04 pink me. (around 1,79€*)


Take my breath away! This sparkling, fruity-floral fragrance is as exciting as a first kiss and brings back beautiful memories! The top note with pink grapefruit, mango and tangerine creates a fruity freshness. Combined with lily of the valley and raspberry in the middle note, this results in a sweet and floral composition. Creamy sandalwood, musk and vanilla in the base note give the fragrance a warm touch. As unique as an unforgettable kiss! Available in 50 ml around €*. The large as well as the small fragrance – as always in a 10 ml size for €* – will be joining the standard range afterwards. (around 6,99€*)

Essence “Like An Unforgettable Kiss” will be available in stores from mid January until mid February 2015**.

*Recommended retail price

From this edition I will put my hands on (at least I hope I will) that lip smoother, 01 lipstick, blush brush (I just love it!) and maybe on that mint nail polish.  

My makeup box

This was one of presents that my boyfriend gave me when I was home. I wanted makeup box for some years now, but I didn't do anything about it. Then his mother bot it for her accessors and I felt in love with the box.
So I went with my boyfriend to Baumax in Kranj. They had lots of colours but hey, black is my colour :).

The box is quite big and it isn't heavy (yay). It has this compartments that you can divide in different lengths. An at the bottom there is lots of space for pallets, brushes and stuff like that. Also, you can lock the box.

I didn't put my makeup in it yet, since I didn't take it with me to Prague and there wasn't much makeup at home (yes, I have almost all of my makeup with me). I just can't wait to start organising it.

An I have this fear, that this box won't be big enough for everything :D

torek, 11. november 2014

Beauty haul

When me and my friend say:''We are just going for coffee in the centre of Prague,'' it really means we are going to shop for 6 hours and then we are going to rest at some coffee place where they serve good coffee and they have a good and free WI-FI connection.

And there wasn't any difference this time :).

When we got out of the metro, the first stop was Rossmann where I bought four new nail polishes, nail art designer set form Essence, Essence Effect lipgloss, some facial peeling and a beauty set for my feet (pumice stone and a foot cream). In New Yorker I bought black matching bra and panties and also a red bra with matching thongs. In cloths store called Sinsey (clothes there aren't cheap) I bought a cute T-shirt.

The nail polishes I bought from Essence are: 
156 Me & My Lover (the red one and it has a sand effect)
104 Sweet As Candy (the pink one, it looks very natural on nails)
173 Over The Rainbow

The Over The Rainbow nail polish is very cute and it reminds me of fairies. I actually have it on right now and it has this shimmer which I really like. The colour is purple-blue with little sparkle.

An the fourth nail polish was Rimmel's 010 Fizzy Applelicous which has a sand effect to and the colour looks green but when you actually polish your nails is more of a white with a touch of green.

The lipgloss is awesome. My lips really do sparkle and the colour is great too. I wear it every day for my courses and when I don't have much time to put my make up on.

And I really want to show you my Batman T-shirt: 

So this is it for now... 

sreda, 05. november 2014

Maybelline BABY LIPS Electro Lip Balm Review

As I wrote in one of mine previous posts, I spent last week at home and I also went on a trip with my boyfriend and his mother to Trieste. We were just walking around and visited some shops with clothes, but I did't found anything for me.

In of their make up shops I found a new BABY LIPS lip balm from Maybelline. The line is called Electro and the lip balms are pigmented. There are 6 different colour of the lip balm (two of them are neon colours but on lips, they are just like ordinary lip balm). I chose purple colour (BERRY BOMB), since I really darker colours.

I couldn't wait to go home and try out the new lip balm!

When I opened it, I could smell the sweet scent of it. It smells gorgeous and it makes you want to eat it. When I pout the balm on my lips it also tasted great. Lips were very soft and they actually stayed soft for long time. The pigmentation is not like with a normal lipstick, but you can see the colour on your lips. Even if the colour is not that obvious, it looks great and it just perfect for every day use (I don't use lipsticks on a daily bases but I still like my lips to look pretty and that they have some colour on them). I need to add here, that the colour wasn't purple but it was more of a pink-purple.

I recommend this lip balm to all girls who doesn't want to use lipstick all the time, but at the same time, they want to have pigmented lips. The balm also makes your lips really soft (just for kissing ;) and in addition to that, they smelly really delicious.

Here is the link to the lip balm and there you can see other colours too:

ponedeljek, 03. november 2014

Essence Trend Edition ''Mountain Calling''

It’s time to hit the slopes! We’re heading to the mountains in December 2014 with the 
new essence trend edition “mountain calling”. Let’s go skiing, cross-country skiing or 
hiking! The colour scheme with white, blue, red and dark green shades provides a winter 
feeling as well as a cool look. Thanks to the hand & nail balm, every beauty’s hands are 
given the intensive care they need to withstand even the coldest temperatures. The 
highlights of the trend edition are the eyeshadow palette with six colours and socks with a 
norwegian design. And the topper with white snowflake elements creates a nail style with 
a true snow-effect. The mountains are calling… with essence!

Eyeshadow palette:
Wonderful winter! The eyeshadow palette is extremely convincing with its
winter colour combination of white, gold, brown as well as light and dark 
blue. Thanks to the high pigmentation and various effects ranging from 
pearly to matt, all mountain beauties are sure to attract plenty of 
attention. The packaging design is gorgeous, too, surrounding the 
eyeshadows with a true winter wonderland! Available in 01 meet me @ 
the ski lodge. (around 3,99€*)

2in1 kajal pencil: Ice and earth colours! The duo kajal pencils in the cool colour 
combinations light and dark blue as well as dark green and brown offer 
accurate results on the upper and lower eyelid. The shades can be 
combined to create a trendy colour effect. Available in 01 today is fun day 
and 02 we love winter holidays!. (around 1,49€*)

Lip balm: A thing of the past... dry, chapped lips! The light and creamy formula of 
this lip balm makes lips feel pleasantly soft. Transparent white with a light 
shimmer and red provide a touch of glam in the mountains. Available in 
01 snow alert! and 02 let's climb mount beauty. (around 1,49€*)

Cream to powder blush: Rosy cheeks, even in the wintertime… this blush gives your complexion a 
fresh touch in the darker months of the year. Simply apply the creamy 
texture with your fingertips and blend – it instantly melts with your skin 
and provides powdery results. Available in 01 let's climb mount beauty. (around 3,79€*)

Translucent powder: Keep cool! The powder ensures a matt, flawless finish all day long. No 
matter how challenging your winter activities are – your make-up will 
remain untouched. The translucent powder adapts to the individual skin 
tone, making it suitable for all skin types. With a cool mountain 
embossment on the surface of the texture! Available in 01 snow alert!. (around 3,29€*)

Nail polish: A perfect match for your outfit on the slopes! With the nail polishes in red,
dark green, white and light blue, trendy looks are guaranteed. The longlasting
texture and high coverage turn these nail polishes into perfect
companions for a trip to the mountains. Available in 01 today is fun day,
02 we love winter holidays!, 03 let's climb mount beauty and 04 snow
alert!. (around 1,59€*)

Snow top coat: Snowflakes. This transparent top coat is a highlight for all ski bunnies.
Thanks to white snowflake elements, you can create a surprising snoweffect
on your nails. Simply apply on top of nail polish.
Available in 01 snow alert!. (around 1,99€*)

Hand & nail balm: Care & cure! The moisturizing hand and nail cream ensures perfectly soft 
and pampered hands and nails, even when it’s cold as ice and the 
temperatures are below zero. The special formula won’t leave your hands 
feeling oily. Available in 01 meet me @ the ski lodge. (around 1,99€*)

Socks: Super cozy… warm feet are guaranteed for all girls in the alps with these 
stylish socks. The woolen socks have a hip norwegian design and are the 
ideal companions when the weather is cold and frosty outside. Available 
in 01 meet me @ the ski lodge. (around 3,99€*)

Essence “Mountain Calling” will be 
available in stores in December 2014

* Recommended retail price 

I cant wait to get my hands on a pair of this socks (they look so warm and the motive on them is just for winter dais!), hand balm, snow top coat (it will look awesome with the black nail polish) and translucent powder.  

Essence 24h hand protection balm - CAKE POPS review

For the past week, I was at home. I just started to miss Slovenia, my family and friends and all my animals. So I decided to pop in a car and go home.

The first thing I did was hug all my members of family and then I went with my boyfriend to CityPark. First stop was DM, where I bought Hand protection balm form Essence (CAKE POPS trend edition).
First, I had some trouble picking up my favourite fragrance and at the end, I decided for vanilla & cinnamon.

From the day I bought this cream till now, I was using it like crazy. I also carry it in my bag all the time. The smell is just divine and I just love it! The cream is moisturising, thanks to shea butter and coconut oil and it makes my hand soft. It is absorbed quickly so my hands aren't greasy (witch I really hate).

I think that I will buy other two fragrances too (cherry & coconut and cookies & almond)