ponedeljek, 13. oktober 2014

The first one :)

Ok guys and girls. I made this blog some time ago and now that I've moved to Prague, Czech Republic, it seems to be the perfect time to start a personal blog.

What it will be about? I think that it will be about everything. I like different things, from fashion and make-up to animals, nature and photography.

I can start with describing my self. I'm 20 years old student of Zoology. My style and lifestyle are different from what you can see every day. I am that girl who stands out in a group of my other girlfriends. Yes, I like pink and colourful clothes and make up, but my every day is still wrapped in black veil. I don't feel like me, if I'm not in black and with black make-up on.

So right now, I'm studying abroad as an Erasmus+ student. I'm studying Exotic animal science in CULS in Prague. I'm now here for about a month and I'm loving it. The city and the architecture, just gorgeous. But I will show you all that in upcoming months of my stay here.

Have a nice evening :)

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2 komentarja:

  1. Dobrodošla med nami. :)
    Se že veselim novih objav, sploh o (zlati) Pragi. <3 Res je lepa! :))

    1. Hvala za dobrodošlico :D Praga je pa res super. Bom mogla eno reportažo napisat :D