četrtek, 16. oktober 2014

Shopping time with a friend

So here I am again. A few days ago I went to some shopping spree to the center of Prague. Since we were a little bit on the down side due to our courses, we first went on a coffee and then to the shops. I bought lot of thing,

First we found this awesome shop called Bontonland (http://www.bontonland.cz/) which is specialised in selling merchandise of bends and popular movies and TV shows. There I found lots of things that I really liked, but eventually I walked out with a new  bag (yes, I have a fetish on bags). Its a black bag, made from fake leather and it's like a mini suit case or something like that. It's just enough big for all my things that I need them with me, when I go out on a coffee or on a concert.

The our next stop was book store, where I spend to much money on two books. In general I read my books on Kindl because it's easy to carry it around, but there are some books that I prefer them to have in my book case. So I bought The Perks of Being A Wallflower and The Silver Linings Play Book. I wanted to buy some Terry Pratchett books, but I will buy them, when I read the first books I bought here.

The next stop was Rossmann which is like in our country DM. There I treated my self with some new Essence nail polishes.

The first one is 103 Space Queen. It's a clear nail polish with glitter in it. I love to wear it over black nail polish and I think it's really cute. I love the density of this nail polish, it is not to thick and it is not to runny. The brushes of Essence nail polishes are really great in they make the application of the nail polish really easy.

Second nail polish is 172 Splash!. I just LOVE this colour. The blue and green colours are utterly and it's just awesome how the nail polish changes on different lighting.

And the third nail polish is 03 Charlie Seen In Green from Hello Autumn collection. I really looked forward to this nail polish, since it was said that it has thermo effect. When we got home, I first tried out this polish. Bottom of the line, I didn't like it. It is very runny and it's difficult to polish your nails with it. When I got on the first layer, the colour was not what I'd have been expecting. So I putted on the second layer and it still wasn't what I imagined. Then I went out (it was a very cold night that day) to see if it will change colour... Well, it didn't. I don't know why, but I was very disappointed.

So this is all for now, next time I will write about longboards and my intention to find a longboard shop in Prague.

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