sreda, 22. oktober 2014

My nails

Today I was redoing my gelish nails (I use Gellack kit from Depend) and I decide to paint my nails with one of my Essie nail polishes which I never used till today. I bought it in DM in CityPark Ljubljana. The colour is called Diva Bar and it's black with lots of dark green glitters.

This was actually my first Essie nail polish that I bought. It took me some time to buy it because of the price but I can say that it's worth 10€ or so. It's easy to paint your nails with the brush and for me, the nail polish is long lasting. Another plus: it's dry FAST.

So this is the colour of the nail polish. I hope you can see the green glitters (*ok it looks like there are blue glitters...). The photo was taken with my phone...

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