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Going out to Mecca club and my outfit

On Saturday the 18th, there was happening this big Neon party in one of the Prague's clubs. The club is called Mecca and it's really fancy. The club is not the biggest I've seen but it was ok there. It has 3 dance floors (but for this party there were open just two of them). They had one flor with really cool music and one with a live DJs. I thought that the music one the floor with DJs was the same all the time, because they really repeated the beats in songs.
Well the most important thing is that I had a great time with my friend and other random people who are also Erasmus students just like me.

Lets see what I was wearing. Since it was called Neon party, I thought that it would be great to wear something white (so I could shine one the dance floor). But the problem was, that I don't wear white. All of my clothes is black, grey or in some other dark colour. Then I remembered that I have this black skirt whit white pattern on it which I bought in New Yorker before the fall started.

So I was wearing this skirt, black halterneck shirt and black jogapants. Then I couldn't decide on my shoes, but I just kept it simple and put on a pair of ancient black allstars.

As for my make-up: I had on this gorgeous  Artdeco Dita Von Tees red lipstick (No. 615) witch I just adore. I used Artdeco Dita Von Teese compact powder which gives me this perfect porcelain skin (I'm just sad that they don't sell this powder any more). For my eye shadow I used Artdeco Dita Von Teese green eye-shadow mixed with Essence white eye shadow (from both of them I can't read their names or numbers since I carry them around all the time and they faded away). For the cherry on the top, I wore my Deborah eye-liner.

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